Summer Explorations Camp

Fun-Filled and Informative Summer Explorations Camp

Give Your Child the Best Summer Camp Experience

If your child is between the age group 5 and 9, they can attend our summer explorations camp during select weeks in June, July, and August. The teachers at our center have a nurturing attitude and understands that patience is a big tool for effective learning.

Let Child's Play Early Childhood Center help your child in utilizing their summertime in the best possible way. Call us to enroll your kids this summer.

Curriculum Actvities

A Hands-On Curriculum for Summer Learning

We offer a hands-on approach to helping your children learn through a summer camp that teaches them the importance of education.

Kids love to learn, even without knowing that they are learning! The main advantage of our summer camp classes is that you'll only pay for the classes your child attends.

Summer Activity

Our Summer Activity at St. James Club

The St. James Club at our center conducts various fun-filled and educative programs and classes on various subjects according to your child's interest that include
  • Nature
  • Creative
  • Art
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Sports
  • Swimming

Get Year-Round Fun Activity at Our Childhood Center

We know how tough the weather can be on kids. At our childhood center, we do our best to let the kids have fun all year long, inside and out.

This includes bringing in a bouncy house to help break up the cold winter months! Choose our center with over 25 years of experience in education to make your child's summer an enriching and transformative experience.

Call and ask us about our flexible summer camp schedules.
You can save 15% on classes with our multi-child discounts.
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